Thursday, January 29, 2009

Twinkles Babies

Sadly we needed to put CJ down just before returning to Kindergarten. The exciting news is that before the end of the term we put Twinkle and CJ together in the hope of some babies...well we got 14!!!! born the 6th January at Aragorns home. Please click on the story to read it. Ally

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our Summer Holiday

Paul's first fish on his new rod. Well done son!

Boxing Day we left on our Camping holiday to Opotiki. Fluffys brother has a section at Waiotahi we set off and spent the next 10days there. It was a bit of an adventure getting there as the caravan only towed at 70km/hr before it began fish tailing...what fun...not!

It was fantastic there having set up site. We had fun fishing, swimming, kyaking in the surf and we weathered a storm. A real 45knot wind two in the morning pulling down tents to save them. We were lucky some sites were destroyed!!!! Jess our dog can body surf and if her babies went too far out in her opinion she would swim out grab the booggie board and drag the kids back in!! The boards looked like the sharks had been biting them.

The Notorious Opotiki Mud Slide

Fun, exciting and muddy. Just out of Opotiki I had thought I might give it a go but looking at the speed Paul came down (who is light) my mass might have set me orbital with broken bones so I passed on the experience content to observe and document. LOL

The wash down was brilliant inside a water tank with pressure like the wash down hose at the cowshed. Heaps of fun!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jo's holiday

I had an awesome holiday. I went camping on Motutapu Island with my brothers and their families for ten days. We took their boat across from Waiheke Island (where they and my folks have lived for 25 years). It took us two trips because they had so much stuff! I know for next time that I can bring my kitchen sink! We had a very relaxing break and I hardly saw my children who were off eeling, fishing, swimming and exploring.