Friday, August 21, 2009

The Salon

This is a video of the salon that the children set up in the family corner. I unfortunately had been taking still photos and switched to video mode without turning the camera but still felt it was just too gorgeous to not show you all. My apologies for being a dizz! You'd think I'd have sussed this out with 3 years on an ICT contract. LOL! Anyway enjoy our video and we are taking bookings for a fabulous style and massage (which you may need to get the crick out of your neck after viewing this!!!!!).


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Swing Challenges

The learning that's happening:
We have recently purchased some new swings, pulleys and ropes; this combined with some fine weather has given the children the opportunity to experiment and enhance their physical skills and capabilities. In this video clip the children are practicing their abilities, gaining increased control over their bodies, gaining increased agility, co ordination and balance, are building their self confidence and physical strength, are working together, taking on challenges and managing risk. This is just a small snippet of their swing capabilities.


Wombat Stew Grasslands Style

On Tuesday we made Wombat Stew. This came about after one of the children discovered a photographic story about some Wombat stew that children from 2007 had made. We read the real story of Wombat Stew then made a list of things we wanted in our Wombat Stew. As you can imagine it had lots of sweet stuff in it!

On Tuesday morning Teacher Jo and Office Jo took Tyne and Ebony to the supermarket to buy the ingredients on our list. All the morning children helped to make our stew. They did a fantastic job because it was scrumdiddlelylious!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hokey Pokey Biscuits!!

Process Cooking:
The gingerbread man has been hugely popular at kindergarten lately. We sing about him, read about him, dance about him and of course we bake him. This morning the children asked to make him again, not having all the ingredients we improvised and settled for Hokey Pokey biscuits instead. They were delicious!

What we are learning:
1. We learn about the equipment used - spatula, mixing bowls etc.
2. We learn and extend upon early literacy skills - reading the recipe cards that are laid out numerically, following the instructions and writing down our name on the cooking list.
3. We learn new groups of words - stirring, mixing, beating etc.
4. We learn maths concepts - 1 teaspoon, 1 tablespoon, half a cup etc.
5. We learn early science concepts - chemical reactions, temperature, hot and cold, rising etc
6. We learn about textures - salt and sugar, flour and icing sugar, oil and water.
7. We learn about taste - lemon, sugar, flour, sweet and sour.
8. We learn patience, waiting in line and waiting for our cooking to cook.

Most of all we have fun and hopefully can sample our creations!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Jahrome's Voice

Today Jahrome and I had a play with windows movie maker documenting his story about the day that the digger visited his house. What a cool story. Thanks Jahrome.