Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Surprise!......Baby Rabbits

What a surprise i received last Thursday night when Honey Bunny started having babies and we didn't even realise she was pregnant! She had 7 in total over Thursday night and Friday. Unfortunately 3 have died but the remaining 4 are thriving now that mum has worked out how to breast feed. She is a very good Mother rabbit. The vet has told me she is doing everything she is suppose to be doing. The babies are similar to her in color with one darker bunny. We are still not sure what dad looks like tho. Haha.

These photos below are from this morning at 6 days old. The above photos were taken moments after their birth. Abby.

Baby Quails

About 6 weeks ago our quails had their second lot of babies. They had 6 but unfortunately only 3 have survived. They are very cute and are growing quickly. The children have enjoyed watching and learning about the life cycle of these birds as they have laid eggs, hatched, died and survived. The Children have gained a great deal of knowledge from this experience.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tomato Pasta Sauce

Before Jodie left she planted some tomatoes around the back. We have been collecting the ripe ones for a few days now and decided to make pasta sauce with them. Yummy! Thanks Jodie!