Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Watching Video Clips

For all you first timers who may not know how to view the video clips/slide shows on this site

To view the clip you go to the arrowhead under the clip's screen and click on it. The video will then say it is buffering. When it has loaded the video it will play for you automatically. When the video stops you can click on the arrowhead to view it again if you wish. Loading times will vary but it shouldn't take more than a few moments.

Happy viewing!

Welcome to our Blog readers!

Kia Ora to our readers

We hope those of you who have had a chance to register with us and read our blog have enjoyed it. Our Blog will be updated every two weeks so be sure to kept checking in for updates.

We just wanted to let you know that under each blog entry there is a green link called comments. If you click on this a dialogue box will appear that you can write your comments in about any aspect of the entry. Feel free also to ask questions because we check our blog regularly and are happy to answer these. When you have written what you want to say just click on publish comment and it will put it on the site in the comments area.

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Thanks for reading the Grasslands Kindergarten Blog

Ally, Jo, Brenda and children

Monday, October 8, 2007

Term 4 Newsletter #1

Kia ora tatou

Welcome back everyone. Hope you enjoyed your holidays. We certainly needed to re-charge our batteries after a term plagued with illness! We are looking forward to some exciting learning this term and of course this will be made all the merrier with the warmer weather.

- Morning- Monday 8 Oct- Friday 21 Dec (8:30am-12.30pm)

Afternoon- Tuesday 9 Oct- Thursday 20 Dec (1:15pm-3:15pm)

- Please ensure your child has: a sun hat, sun block on, and a change of clothing EVERY DAY. We are back into water play now the weather is warmer. Please name these items plus the child’s bag so we can get clothes out for children if necessary.

-We are currently taking enrolments. If you know of anyone with children aged 3-4 years please encourage them to pay us a visit. We offer the government 20 free hours for 3-4 year olds.

- Our mobile phone number is: 027 7155512
Please load this number into your mobile phones in case of an emergency or if you wish to leave us a message or send a text. We have several parents already using the mobile to let us know about their child’s absence.

If you wish to e-mail us our address is: grasslands@kindergarten.org.nz

- Please remember to bring three pieces of fruit to put in the fruit basket/bowl for shared kai times. And remember we promote healthy kai in lunch boxes.

-We have Nadine Davis joining us from 23 October-14 November. Nadine is a first year student from Waikato University.

-We have now set up a blog site for Grasslands Kindergarten. This can be viewed by invite only so please let us know your e-mail address so you can be invited on to the site. Many of you have already done this so you should be receiving your invite soon. We envisage that this may be a way to showcase your child’s learning to family overseas too. We are very excited about the opportunity to show you what the children are learning at kindergarten. Parents who do not have access to internet may view the site at kindergarten.

- Brenda is extending her hours on Wednesday so she will be here until 2:30pm. We are thrilled with this as not only will Brenda be supporting us in our role but the afternoon children will get to spent time with her.

Here’s to a great 4th term!