Friday, July 25, 2008

Tainui Te Waka

We are learning the waiata Tainui te waka with the tamariki currently as a part of our committment to Maori language week. This is the tamariki's first attempt. We are going to video it again when we are great to share with you our this Blog!!! Bronya, Jo's daughter has been sharing her expertise and knowledge with this waiata... instrumental in leading the waiata too as you will see. She shares this knowledge gained from her previous kindergarten Bellmont. Fantastic!!!

We are very fortunate to have whaia Aneta Timu with us. She provides maori language and resource support throughout the kindergarten association and will be with us 23 and 24th July, 30 and 31st July and 6 and 7th August, supporting and encouraging staff in their professional development and the tamariki. We are sooooo lucky!!!

Cool Cats

This was fantastic to observe the children initiating their own cool cats activity. They were monitoring each others participation, turntaking, problem solving with the turntaking!, making choices about their actions and working together as a team. Everything we work with them about positive respectful relationships was happening!!! Your children rock. They are so clever and are great friends and take responsibility for each other and the environment they are in. Together the children, yourselves and the teaching team are achieving great things!!!

Cool Cats

Cool Cats at mat time is one of the favourite songs of the tamariki. They get to take turns at sharing their cool and sometimes tricky moves that everyone has to copy. For some of our children this is a huge experience particulary at having to perform infront of their peers. As their confidence grows so does their participation. It is lots of fun!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Striving to reach our goals and Sharing Success

Today I was in a rather wet Whakatane watching my son, Marek compete in the BOP/Waikato Cross Country Champs. He ran a fantastic race and finished third. He informed Jason and I that he could hear us down the home straight...hard to restrain yourself as a parent sometimes. LOL!

The reason I am sharing this piece of news with you, aside from being a very proud parent, is that during the holidays Abby, Ally and I attended an interesting course on learning dispositions. It outlined 16 critical learning habits that children need to develop in order to thrive as successful life time learners. These 'Habits of the Mind' (developed by Art Costa) are skills that help our children continue to adapt, access and acquire new learning and ways of thinking in a world of constant and accelerating change.

Seeing Marek run today reminded me of this because I know that he has shown incredible persistence, determination, and flexibility. He has also taken risks, problem solved and used gathered information to find ways to improve his performances. Karen Boyes, our presenter, referred to these attributes as she recalled to us a conversation she had had with Corey Hutchins about what attributes he had needed to become such a successful athlete.

If you are interested in learning more about 'The Habits of Mind' ask the staff or see the web link listed on the side bar. Go to Foster the Habits of Mind in Your Children link. The article link has a fuller description for anyone wanting further reading.

Friday, July 4, 2008

End Of Term 2 Newsletter

Another busy term we have had, looking forward to a bit of a break.
A big thank you to our families for all your support this term. Have a safe and happy term break and we will see you all again on Monday 21st July.

Ally, Jo, Abby and Helen.