Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our Staff

We have expanded our numbers somewhat this year with the advent of our school day operation because this decreased our staff:child ratio allowing us to gain another permanent full-time teacher. We were lucky to have Abby Mein (said 'Mean') join us as our new teacher. Abby has worked as a graphic artist and decided to pursue a career as an early childhood educator. We are delighted as she brings her amazing talents and enthusiasm to our team....and a wonderful sense of humour.

Helen Stenhouse is with us for term 1 to support permanent staff as our afternoon roll numbers decrease. Helen has been a new entrant teacher for many years and brings wonderful skills to enhance the children's learning. Helen leaves us at the end of the term and will be a loss to our team.

Jo Watson joins us in the office on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. She is known as Office Jo to avoid any confusion between Jo Jo the bird and Jo the teacher! Jo helps keep the administration ticking over and to reduce staff workload in this area.

Ally, Jo and Brenda remain in their positions although Brenda is now only in the office on Tuesdays.