Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Skateboard Project

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Noah has been very passionate about skateboards in the last couple of weeks, and has become very focused on building them. This photostory documents his 3rd skateboard creation and the inspiration he has provided for the other children. Well done Tamariki, you have shown a lot of independent and creative thinking building your skateboards, you should be proud!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our Adventure

We had quite a lot of excitement here at kindergarten this morning, Les from down the road came to visit us. He had been doing some gardening and had found a sleeping hedgehog in the garden. Several children took turns having a cuddle before we decided to find a place in our garden to put her. First Aragorn, Kya, Kaia, Ashton, Jeneah, Chikoia and I went back down the road with the wheel burrow for some leaves for her. Les showed us his guineapig before he went a collected some hay for us to use instead. Then on the way back down the street we were lucky enough to discover a dead bird lying on the foot path. We brought it back to kindergarten to share with the other children. It had very beautiful and colourful feathers. Ally took lots of pictures so that we could investigate what type of bird it was. Kaia seems to think a bat may have killed it. After the excitement of the bird, we found a place in the garden for the hedgehog and Renee and Jeneah kindly built a little garden fence to keep her safe. Thank you girls, that was such a kind thing to do. We'll keep an eye on her to see when she will wake up.


Pet Snails at Kindergarten

Monday, October 12, 2009

Final ICT Report

Staff have finally finished our final report summarizing our research over the last three years. We are very proud of our combined effort. The report is on the sign in desk, please take the time to read it and feedback to staff. Thank you for all your support and time taken in your surveys, you are so appreciated. THANK YOU Staff


Staff had an amazing time at Ulearn in Christchurch. A big day the first day with us starting at 2.30am in the morning for shuttle pick up to Auckland. The pre conference workshop by Margie Carter was inspiring and affirming.
Between staff we attended 26 workshops on different ideas around ICT and innovative teacher practice. The keynote speakers Gary Stager, Derek Wenmoth, Margaret Carr were interesting and thought provoking. We have a lot of reflecting to do!!!!  Our presentation was very successful with a range of people attending from The Ministry of Educartion, ERO Education review Office, Secondary teachers, Primary Teachers, Principles, Correspondance Schools and other Early Childhood Centres. We were challenged and affirmed. A great experience, well done to the team. We have worked hard for this.
A great team building event, the weather was reasonably kind  and we managed to get some shopping in too! Looking forward to sharing with you our inspirations and ideas. Ally

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Having a blast at U-Learn

Hi Everyone, we are in the South in Christchurch this week at the U-Learn Conference. We had a great flight down and there was heaps of snow on the Southern Alps.

Yesterday we did our presentation and we were able to share heaps of your cool learning.We were so proud of you.

Miss you
Jo Ally Jodie Abby