Monday, June 27, 2011

Rough and Tumble play

The children love this! They call it Bomby Knockers and the aim is to try and knock each other off the pole. If your left on your the winner and you challenge someone else. Its especially ticky because you need to hold your balance at the same time as you try to knock off your opponent. There are rules involved and the children are excellent at following and enforcing them, such as no hitting in the face only on the body. We do this to provide our tamariki with an outlet for their physical play and built up energy. Rough housing play such as this is particularly exciting for boys and provides a great opportunity for children to take and manage risk, build apon their motor skill competence, and boys especially enjoy the play because it enables them to address their need for power and to manage and keep their sudden increase in playful aggression within the limits of fun!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The day the plumbers came to kindergarten

Today we had plumbers come to kindergarten to replace the guttering. We asked them to check for the hippopotamus on the roof eating cake. If he wasn't there then he probably was at his job at the zoo. The children were eager to ask once they got outside to which the plumbers Mike and Chris replied that they had chased him away....he was late for work. A fantastic big boy answer!!!! The children were highly engaged in the work and observed measuring with purpose and the use of authentic tools. They investigated alongside and interrogated the big boys about what they were doing. Chris and Mike you guys rock.